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Punchy and Angela saw the beam of death heading towards them. "Angela, live for me!" Punchy pushed Angela out of the way.

Angela screamed in horror as the blast ripped apart Punchy. "DEAR GOD, PUNCHY, NO!"

"Dear god, yes." Yuka laughed in bliss as she jabbed the tip of her parasol into her throat. "And you'll be going to him soon enough."

"GUK!" Angela's eyes bugged out as Yuka launched a Master Spark at point-blank, blowing her up in a gory mess. The mad gardener laughed heartily as she walked down the streets. "Chris, I will make you suffer until you feel the pain that you gave me." She smiled evilly.

"Father, stop!" Sonichu wailed in pain as Chris brutally beat the shit out of him. "Please!" Sonichu vomited out blood as tears fell from his eyes. "No more!!!"

"SILENCE!" Chris zapped him with a Zap Cannon, and then hit him with an Iron Tail. "I will make you pay for losing my one true LOVE! GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!"

He grabbed Sonichu by the head and the legs then snapped his spine in half by slamming him down on his knee. "There. You will never fail me ever again, Sonichu." Chris spat on his corpse and ran off.

Yuka spotted Chris running down the street, covered in blood. "Hmph. So that idiot finally lost his mind. No matter. I will put him out of his misery." She headed towards his direction as Chris let out a roar of anger.

The Mayor of CWCville soon began to tear apart his own city with well-placed Hyper Beams. "YUKA!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?! YUUUUKA!" Chris screamed out her name, despite the fact that he had passed her.

Bubbles was innocently walking down the street, a smile on her face. "La La La, La La La~!"


Chris stumbled onto his ass as he glared at her. "DAMN IT, BUBBLES! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Bubbles eeped and bowed. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Mayor! I didn't mean to hurt you! Forgive me! Forgive me!"

"ENOUGH!" Christian roared. "Bubbles, you will help me find my lady love. And if you don't find her, we're going to play with… THE DUCK!"

"NO!" Bubbles' eyes grew wide with horror. "NO! NO! NOT THE DUCK! PLEASE, GOD NO!"

"Then go find her, and find her NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOOOOOOOW!" Bubbles sped off like lightning as Chris glared at her fleeing back.

Yuuka kept blasting the Sonichus and Rosechus aside, not caring if they were innocent or not. "Damn Christian, Damn this city, Damn it all!" She hissed through her teeth. This place was taking its toll on her mind. If she didn't get out of here soon, she would be forced to blow this city to rubble.

Suddenly, a scream pierced through the air. "SONICHU!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Yuuka turned her head towards the direction of the scream and headed towards it. She stopped in her tracks and saw Rosechu wailing over the body of her dead husband.

"Oh, god… Oh dear god…" She sobbed deeply. " Why? WHY?! WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?! WHY?!" Yuuka felt a small twinge at her heart. Even though the city's inhabitants were either incompetent or cruel, she couldn't bring herself to hate Rosechu. She had helped her, after all.

"First, my children, then, my husband… All gone… Oh, god… TAKE ME NOW!" The pink hybrid fell to her knees and wept pitifully, tears running down her face..

"Rose-" Yuuka began to speak, but suddenly, a powerful Water Pulse crashed into Rosechu, sending her flying towards a brick wall, making her into a broken heap of flesh and meat.

"I found you!" Bubbles giggled, not caring that she killed Rosechu.

Yuuka gripped the handle of her parasol in anger. How dare she?! Rosechu was the only person that was cared about her well-being in this nightmarish dump. And that blue trollop had no qualms about killing her own friend?! That was unforgivable.

The flower youkai turned her glowing red eyes upon Bubbles, her body radiating such a murderous aura, that even a lion would run away from her. Yuuka was pissed off.

"You," she growled with a feral rage. "Do you realize what YOU have done?!"

Bubbles blinked. "Of course! I found you, so I won't have to play with the Mayor's Duck! The Duck is so scary and it really, really, really hurts when he puts it in! My butt hurt so much, I couldn't even stand for a week! I had to go see the doctor to get my butthole fixed! But it'll be all better now! I-"

"ENOUGH!" Yuuka roared, baring her fangs and growling darkly. "You took away the only innocent thing in this shithole of a city. And now, You. Will. DIE!"

With a loud roar of pure anger, Yuuka leapt at Bubbles with her nails elongated, ready to slice into the object of her anger.

Part 6 of the Y vs C saga!
ShadowSora94 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
Best. Fanfic. EVER.
Veloitus Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Student General Artist
Too awesome :D
By the way, did you know this was on the fanfic recommendations for Sonichu at Tvtropes? It's how I found out about this.
It's right here: [link]
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