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Yuka awoke to find herself in a padded room. "Where the hell am I?" She looked around for her parasol, but it was not there. She looked at herself as she was wearing a hospital gown.

"What is this? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! LET ME OUT!!" Yuka roared.

"Silence, b****!" Sonichu zapped her through the door window. Yuka screamed in pain as the electricity ran through her body. "I should kill you for hurting my father, but I won't. He thinks you're his 'Chosen One'." The electric hedgehog snarled venomously.

"You animal," Yuka snarled back. "How dare you treat me like a weak, feeble human? I will have your head for this!"

"I SAID SHUT UP, YOU B****!" Sonichu zapped her again with full power. Yuka screamed in pain. If she was a human, she would already be dead.

"Urgh…." Yuka collapsed onto the floor as Sonichu opened the door.

"You're lucky I won't kill you. Father has requested your presence this evening. I'm going to take you to Rosechu to get you dressed." Sonichu picked her up bridal-style in his arms.

"But if you so much as lift a f***ing finger to harm my wife and kids, I'll end you right here and now, you f***ing cunt!" He snarled into her ear.

Yuka babbled listlessly as Sonichu sped back to his house in a flash.

The flower youkai opened her eyes to see a mini-Sonichu sitting on her chest. "Hewwo!" It chirped.

Yuka moaned as she tried to move it off of her chest, but she was weak from Sonichu's brutal attacks. "Robbie, get off of her!" Scolded a female voice.

Rosechu grabbed her son and placed him on the floor. "Now, go outside and play." Robbie sped downstairs.

"I'm sorry about that. Here, I brought you some Potions." Rosechu placed a bottle near Yuka's mouth as she drank the contents.

Yuka felt her body getting gradually stronger as she could move her arms a little bit. "Thanks." She murmured.

"I'm sorry about Sonichu…" Rosechu's eyes had a tinge of sorrow in them. "He often takes his duties… too seriously. But he's a good person if you get to know him!" She finished lamely.

Yuka looked at her with curious eyes. "Why… why do you put up with him?"


"Why do you put with a man like that? He tried to kill me."

Rosechu hung her head. "Because… I love him."

Yuka's stomach churned in disgust. Love?! That bastard of a hedgehog just tried to end her life and this woman had the nerve to love a beast like that?! There was something wrong with this picture.

"You mustn't judge him so quickly. Sonichu is capable of being lenient with strangers. He believes that people can have second chances." Rosechu exclaimed.

"Fine, fine." Yuka grunted. "Now, he said that you were going to dress me up…?"

Rosechu's eyes brightened. "Oh, yes! I have just the perfect dress for you!" With an instant, she was gone and back again, holding a dress similar to Yuka once wore.

Yuka widened her eyes in shock. "That's my dress!"

"I know! Doesn't it suit you?"

Rosechu then began to dress up the flower youkai with her lightning speed. Soon, Yuka looked like her usual self, only with a sunflower clip in her hair.

"This… This doesn't change anything. I'm still going to give that human a piece of my mind, you know." Yuka pouted.

"NO!" Rosechu yelped. "I mean, please don't... He's our mayor. Without him, we'd be living outside in the woods…" Her face fell.

"Fine," Yuka growled. She began to brush off the imaginary dirt off of her dress. "Take me to him."

"Oh, Sonichu's going to do that. He should be here right about…"

The door flew open as the yellow hedgehog arrived.


Sonichu looked at the flower youkai with cold anger in his eyes. "Hi, honey." Sonichu greeted Rosechu without looking at her.

"Hi, Sweetspark. Did you get those reservations at McDonalds?"

"Yes, I did. Father is waiting there now." Yuka snorted in disgust. "And I see you got her the perfect outfit."

"Are you going to go now?"

Sonichu nodded. "I'll be back soon, Rosey." He then grabbed Yuka and sped off towards McDonalds.

Yuka nearly vomited as Sonichu abruptly stopped at the entrance. "We're here." He said coldly. He dropped Yuka on her ass and glared at her.

"I'll be waiting outside, so no tricks. Got it?" He all but snarled at her.

"Fine. I won't hurt your precious 'father'." She spat out venomously. Then she stood up and walked inside.

"Ah, my love!" Chris smiled, wearing his iconic red and blue shirt. He stood up and took Yuka's hand. "I've already prepared the cook to make us some Big Macs."

Yuka held down her vomit as she forced a smile. "That's nice…" She said in a sickly sweet tone.

"And I've brought us some Fantas with my secret ingredient inside." Chris smirked. "And that would be?" Yuka pressed.

"No, no, no. That would ruin the surprise." Chris chuckled. "Anyways, I've brought you here to announce my intentions."

"What would that be?" Yuka clenched her teeth, torn between ripping this human apart and killing herself.

"I want you to marry me and become my sweetheart. I will teach you how to be my beloved." Chris clasped his hands with Yuka's. "Will you accept my proposal?"

"HELL NO!!" would've Yuka's response, along a beatdown with her parasol and stuffing him full with her seeds, but Yuka decided it would have to wait.

"I don't know, Chris. This seems all so sudden… I need time to think about it…" Yuka gave her most innocent, cute look at Chris.

"Oh, how can I resist those puppy eyes? Very well, I'll give you a week. But you better think fast, my love. I won't wait forever." Chris sighed.

Yuka smiled at him in the most sappy way possible. "Thank you, Christian."

She then got up to use the ladies bathroom. As she went inside and opened the stall door, she placed her head near the toilet and vomited.

"Father, are you alright?" Sonichu asked as he came in.

"Oh, dear Sonichu. I finally found my TRUE and HONEST love. My love quest is finally over." Chris sighed blissfully.

"I'm happy for you, Father." Sonichu smiled.

"Now, Sonichu. I want you to be nice to your future Mother. I want you to spend time with her and get to know her better." Chris gave him a stern look.

"I will try my best, Father." Sonichu sighed.

"Good. Because I'm going to have you protect her from the PVCC."

"Where are you going, Father?"

"To E3 2011!"

"That's not for another year, Father."

"Oh. Then I'll just go to Best Buy then."

To Be Continued.
Chapter 2 of this amazing fic.
Patcheresu Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011
This is why Yuka Kazami is my favorite touhou character. Moments like these, especially considering she is a spirit of summer. Which has the most dangerous and heated storms of the entire year, in which tornadoes, cyclones, typhoons, twisters, hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions all run rampant.
Assamite36 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
harm my wife and kids

Pretty please?
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Sure thing. :D
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